In times of forced two-factor authentication mechanisms for corporate VPN networks, community portals and online banking, the need for a SMS receiving device is unavoidable. Yet, there is a huge discomfort by entering your private mobile phone number in every form that asks for it. Pages get hacked, companies get sold,... It is a matter of time that your number will be used for spam or even criminal purposes. Maybe a prepaid SIM, a small WIFI device with SIM card holder and a neat browser based interface might be the perfect solution.

Recently, I made some first steps with KVM virtualization. So far, everything went well and as expected. The performance was great and the configuration with tools like "Cockpit" straightforward.

As soon as I tried to run TCP or UDP services inside the machines, I realized that the host firewall blocked everything, that has not been allowed, although I thought that bridged network devices would not interfere with the host's network settings at all.

Using one of the currently available browser add-ons for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or whatever does not make any sense regarding browsing speed, security and centralised management, especially in scenarios where URLs need to be filtered for security reasons but not for (mostly not working) censorship purposes.

Here, I would like to describe a way to filter download URLs with all the available engines provided by Virustotal.

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